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Introduction to sailing and nomad life


December 1st 2016 - 3 weeks

Our friends

Introduction to sailing and nomad life aboard La Julianne. Coastal navigation in Cabo Verde archipelago.

It is through your eyes that we truly understand what we are living. After a few months, it's really a pleasure to share our experience, our way of living. 

For our friends, it is no ordinary holidays. Sailing between the islands of Cabo Verde in calm weather but also more challenging conditions with the Venturi effects in the inter-islands corridors. Learning and carrying out some manoeuvers with La Julianne. Great hiking in the mountains and hills of deserted islands. Hunting underwater to eat fresh fishes. Sharing community life aboard, it changes habits! And of course, the weather gives the tempo for the activities and decides of the program for the next day!

It is for us a great pleasure to meet our friends after this period away from home. We were able to share the discovery of a country with them, and transmit our new skills about navigation and management of a sailboat. This allowed us to take a step back on our new life and see the path traveled by both sides.

Come for a tour aboard La Julianne, you are strongly invited!

Around Cabo Verde

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