Good friends for 10 years, it’s on Christmas 2014 that the 3 Apprentis Nomades get the same crazy idea, sailing around the world without having open sea experience. Since they dared jumping into this adventure, and knowing they start from far away, they decided to take the bull by the horns and develop their navigation skills.


Since he was a child, Téo has traveled a lot already. From the mountains to the sea, he has stepped on every 5 continents.

He has discovered sailing for the first time in 2013, launching an 18 feet sailboat in New Caledonia’s lagoon.

Adventure tales from the sailors he meets won’t go out of his mind. He then multiplies sailing experiences and realize with Apprentis Nomades his childhood dreams!

Teo jeune rond

teo maintenant rond


Norman is of course born in Normandy ...

Rock band, football team or company projects, this is not the first time he consolidates a team. Ready to try anything, he wants to learn everything.

Pushed by his instincts, the Apprentis Nomades project is for him an unconditional step in his personal development.

norman jeune rond

norman maintenant rond


Julien is born in Sangatte (France). As a child, he spends his time on the pole-vault field and is part of the French championship 3 times in a row.

He is the sporty guy of the team but also the webmaster. After his graduation he spends 3 years in Quebec to work in social entrepreneurship.

He quickly understands that his career won’t be a classical engineer career and joins the Apprentis Nomades to give a charity purpose to his actions.

chmoine jeune rond

chmoine maintenant rond


vue du mat v2

La Julianne

La Julianne is a two masted sailing ship made of steal. She’s 15 tons and 40 feet. The model is a « Little Prince ». She has been designed end of the 80s in France by the shipyard SUBRERO. Strong and spacious, she has been engineered for long distance sailing.

She reaches a modest average speed of 5 to 6 knots (about 8 mph). Thanks to hers heavy conception she can undertake rough weather.

She can host 8 passengers with all the confort that can be expected in a caravan. Fully equipped for an open sea program, she has navigation system, AIS and automatic pilot for the navigation part, solar panels and windmill for energy, 400 liters water tank and 300 liters gasoil tank for the consumables and finally a refrigerator and stove to cook properly.

In short, she is the perfect companion for our trip.



Apprentis Nomades
Non profit organisation

Its purpose is to promote charity of all kinds, entrepreneurship and environment conservation to persons or organization in need and accessible sailing.

It gathers a network around charity, sportive and environmental actions realized sailing.

A sailboat is provided to the association by the funders to be used as logistics base for the charity actions.

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