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Making a documentary about whales


August 15th 2016 - 1 month

The community

Oservation of different types of whales, meeting with professionals in the field and analysis about the climate change and pollution

Whales, they fascinated us already before seeing them at sea without knowing why.
After a few magical encounters, these majestic creatures confirmed our desire to know more.
We were able to meet the last whale hunter from Flores in the Azores and interview him.
We also had the opportunity to be in contact several times with whale groups. But those kind monsters are not easy to film.

Before we make a small documentary and share what we've learned about them, we want to go even further on the subject and take advantage of our next sailings and experiences to learn more.

But it is certain that we will handle the subject, they represent so well the greatness and the fascination that we have for the ocean. Documentary coming soon!

Around the Azores

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