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Share information about cetacean observation offshore


From January 2017 until the end of our trip

With Sail & Whale association

We take part of and promote the new open source scientific platform Sail & Whale that encourages individuals to locate and gather information on cetacean offshore.

Sail and Whale is an initiative that gathers citizens, navigators and scientists whose goal is to collect data on cetaceans through the seas and oceans. The concept is simple: whenever a vessel from the Sail and Whale community encounters a family of dolphins or whales, sailors record the GPS coordinates, number and behavior of the cetaceans.


Why take part in this initiative?

There are several methods for collecting data on marine animals: scientific expeditions, observation by plane or satellite, or even from land. Most of these observations are limited to coastal areas.

The low cost nature of the project and its potential for self-sufficiency and ease of expansion make it an excellent opportunity to obtain long-term data sets.

You can find the latest observations on this map.

The cetacean

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