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South Atlantic ocean crossing to South Africa


February 2017 - 8 weeks

The crew

South Atlantic Ocean crossing. Preparation of the boat and 5500 Miles toward the southern ocean, the albatros and the cape of good hope.

8 weeks, that is the time it will take to make this crossing towards South Africa from Cape Verde. A great first for our crew who dit two weeks maximum at sea so far!

We will have to adapt to all the weather conditions during this navigation, from no wind at all in the doldrums to the depressions in the South Seas. The ocean will give its tempo!

This requires a little bit of preparation:

  • A boat in perfect conditions, better to start with all the chances on our side ...
  • All sorts of rescue plans for unforeseen and technical failures, it's impossible to navigate for 2 without encountering at least some issues!
  • A load of food and water to feed our 3 giant stomachs and the storage that goes with it to optimize the space, so that we don't stumble on our oranges or bump on our dried leg of goat.
  • A crew on the same wavelength. We will meet a few times a priori.
  • An idea of ​​where to go through as the ocean is big.

Few days before going, we are very excited to set the sails for this marathon of the sea!

Around the Atlantic ocean

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