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loiseau bleu

L'Oiseau Bleu

UA business travel by coach, which compared with the sail will you tell us?
The company liked the way we were doing our videos. We worked together to set up a corporate video presentation with the explanation of safety instructions issued in each coach for each trip.
We wish them good journey with L'Oiseau Bleu!



We are the ambassadors of passion da brand of sailing made in Decathlon!
Contributes starboard sailing equipment for our adventure. Tested over the long term, we return them our reviews to improve the range of sailing products. In addition to this, we provide videos, tips for their customers engage in boating.

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Good preparation is done with good tools! The yacht is a work in progress. We must prevent breakages, make repairs and have a daily maintenance rigor. They say there are no bad tools but bad workers, but we can tell you that the quality of their tools back the effectiveness of our work!


Rotary Bourbourg-Gravelines

Because solidarity also applies to sea, Rotary gave us such a network to benefit from assistance that is worth gold. At each of our locations, we may contact their members and have access to the right contact according to our needs. Whether for a damage on the boat and then to develop new initiatives, the network is precious!

Logo VSF

Voiles Sans Frontières

Some areas of the world are sometimes neglected by international solidarity. Sine Saloum in Senegal is one. Accessible only by waterway, the field of action of this association. It provides access to medical care, developing long-term projects involving local populations.
With them, we will install children's playgrounds with recycled materials.


Uship by Bleu Marine

Dunkirk fittings in The equipment manufacturer has provided us many tips to prepare in the best conditions. In addition to providing us with quality equipment, advice allow us to learn for ourselves and develop our own expertise to make also benefit our environment and on the pontoons.

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Port de Plaisance de Dunkerque

There are places where one feels at home: the port of Dunkirk in part. It is the ideal place to prepare but also enjoy all the animations North of France: the friendly people, the carnival of Dunkirk, its weather to make good workouts navigation.
The fairing was an adventure for us, and we thank the marina team for their patience during our crane launch.

Greement Systems

Manfred ARNOLD and Laurent SIMON are recognized rigging specialists in the Morbihan region. Thanks to their expertise, we have been able to benefit from numerous advices and also new and used equipment to fill up our spares sotck in order to always prevent breakdowns. With hoops, halyards, pulleys, turnbuckles and other mule-wagons, we have a real confidence in our rigging and we thank them.




logo southern ropes

Southern Ropes

Cape Town is a mythical place for any sailors. We meet adventurers from all horizons but also professionals of sailing. It is said that the team of Southern Ropes produces the best ropes of all the southern hemisphere. La Julianne is now equipped with halyards, sheets, reels of moorings and other ropes. A full package to sail and anchor in the Southern Seas.

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Les Marins de Dunkerque


Les Marins de Carentan

Captain Éric
Jean‐Rolland et Sylvie

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